Adam – A Type of Christ Lesson I
Adam – A Type of Christ Lesson II
Adam – A Type of Christ Lesson III

01 Facts about the Book of Daniel
02 Daniel’s Captivity
03 Daniel Refuses the King’s Wine
04 Daniel’s Godly Life
05 Daniel Chapter 2 (Part 1)
06 Daniel Chapter 2 (Part 2)
07 Daniel Chapter 2 (Part 3)
08 Daniel Interprets the Dream
09 The Feet Toes Stone

01 Enoch walked with God
02 Enoch man of Faith
03 Scriptures about the Rapture

01 Joseph I Tested
02 Joseph II Tested II
03 Joseph III Tested III
04 Joseph IV Tested in Egypt
05 Joseph V The Trusted Man
06 Joseph VI Tender Hearted Man
07 Joseph VII Tender Hearted Man II
08 Joseph VIII Type of Christ
09 Joseph IX Type of Christ II
10 Joseph X Type of Christ III
11 Joseph XI Type of Christ IV

01 Paul’s Prayer
02 Paul’s Prayer cont’d – Giving Thanks unto the Father
01 The Book of Romans Outline Lesson I Rom 1:1-4
02 The Man, Paul (Rom 1:1)
03 What Paul Became
04 Rom 1:1 Paul the Servant Lesson IV
05 Paul the Apostle Lesson V
06 Paul separated unto the Gospel Lesson VI Romans 1:1
07 Paul’s Personal Testimony Lesson VII

Paul`s Advice
01 Paul’s Advice to Timothy I (Behave Thyself)
02 Paul’s Advice to Timothy II (Exercise Thyself)
03 Paul’s Advice to Timothy III (Give Thyself)
04 Paul’s Advice to Timothy IV (Take heed Unto Thyself)
05 Paul’s Advice to Timothy V (Save Thyself)
06 Paul’s Advice to Timothy VI (Keep Thyself Pure and Withdraw Thyself)