Salvation made plain

SALVATION MADE PLAIN is a comprehensive study on the Doctrine of Salvation.

There is no greater a subject concerning a human being than the subject of Salvation. Fifty years from now, for most of us, the only thing that will really matter is that we are saved (that we know the Lord).

Salvation has to do with knowing the Lord.

The lessons are set out in five sections. In the first 6 lessons, we are going to illustrate the doctrine of Salvation by using The Story of the Three Crosses. Then, we are going to answer the question, How are we saved? We shall then contrast the Before and After aspect of Salvation and contrast the difference between Salvation and Service. In the final section, we will contrast the two paths that are set before the Christian – Carnality and Spirituality.

The Story of the Three Crosses (Lessons 1-6)
Lesson 1 Jesus, The Lost Thief and the Saved Thief
Lesson 2 The Three Imputations Given in Scripture
Lesson 3 How was This Thief Saved?
Lesson 4 The Thief’s Prayer
Lesson 5 The Word “Saved”
Lesson 6 Death

Lesson 7 How Are We Saved?

Lesson 8 Before and After Salvation

Lesson 9 Salvation and Service

Lesson 10 Two paths before the Christian

“I pray that this study on Salvation has sunk deep into your spirit. May the Lord richly bless you as you abide and grow in Him.” – L. O. Pritchard

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